Matsuri festival at Yanaka

August 23, 2014

Matsuri festival ψ(`∇´)ψ Can you see that Mikoshi? Which is a portable shrine. At the festival, Japanese carry the portable shrine through the streets to bring God’s blessing to each home. So, you guys should come and visit to see the festival @ Yanaka today!   Jay

Japanese good luck decoration

August 23, 2014

I noticed this decoration when I visited an acquaintance’s shop. This kind of decoration is called “Engi-mono” in Japan. “Engi-mono” are supposed to be auspicious and lucky charms, and often includes wit and humor. There are many kinds of foods in this decoration. “Daikon” : Japanese white radish “Ninjin” : Carrot “Ingen” : Green bean “Mikan” […]

Today’s flower @Tokyo Aug 21th 2014

August 21, 2014

Sunflower. I always get energetic when I see those flower growing by the roadside.   Kei

Today’s sky @Fukushima Aug 19th 2014

August 19, 2014

Today’s sky @Fukushima Aug 19th 2014. From Nihonmatsu Station at Fukushima. This is my hometown. Kei

Today’s flower @Tokyo Aug 18th 2014

August 18, 2014

Today’s flower @Tokyo Aug 18th 2014 There are some lotus flower in the Shinobazu Pond at Ueno. Kei

Transport navigation apps in Japan for iOS/android

August 17, 2014

Transport navigation apps in Japan for iOS/android Japan Transit Planner [iOS only] “Japan Transit Planner is Japan’s the most-downloaded navigation app (Norikae Annai) in Japan.” This app is your guide to the railways and airways of Japan and includes detailed information on routes and transfers. $2.99 /¥300.   HYPERDIA by VOICE [iOS only] HYPERDIA is […]

Tokyo Travel Guide

August 16, 2014

Tokyo Travel Guide. Lonley Planet Lonley Planet is a world famous travel guide book. Of course, this website has huge volumes of information, too. Lonley Planet:     GO TOKYO GO TOKYO is Japan Tourism Agency’s official Tokyo guide. This website supports 10 languages. Japanese, English, simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, German, Italian, Spanish and […]


August 15, 2014

In summer, I often eat ‘Kakigori“. Kakigori is shaved ice with syrup. This is Japanese (only me ?) summer soul food. It’s has been around since the Heian period from the end of the eighth century until the 12th century. The book “Makura no soshi” written by “Sei Shonagon” in 996AD described the early days […]

Safety tips for travelers

August 13, 2014

Safety tips for travelers The purpose of this website is to provide information to ensure safe travel for foreign tourists visiting Japan. Please check this website if you have any problems. Safety tips for travelers: Kei    

Today’s sky @Tokyo Aug 11th 2014

August 11, 2014

Today’s sky @Tokyo Aug 11th 2014. This is the lovely weather that the typhoon has passed. It’s called “Taihu-ikka” in japanese.    

Traditional Japanese painting artist – ALLAN WEST-

August 9, 2014

My friend Allan West is a traditional Japanese painting artist. He came to Japan from Washington D.C in 1982. Today I went to his studio to see an event “Japanese painting and Kabuki”. Of course I weard kimono:-) A Kabuki actor Mr. “Tyounosuke Nakamura” danced a program named ‘Fuji-musume’ in front of Allan’s painting. After […]

August Kabuki at Kabukiza

August Kabuki at Kabukiza

August 8, 2014

Today I went to see August Kabuki at Kabukiza. This was my fourth visit this year. At Kabukiza, every month has a different seasonal program. August’s program is “KYOFU JIDAI”, meaning ‘The Age of Terror’ written by Junichiro Tanizaki, and a traditional play “RYUKO” meaning ‘The Eternal Struggle of the Dragon and the Tiger’. “KYOFU […]

Japanese Jedi Master

August 5, 2014

They were like a Jedi Master!! Judo Master Kyuzo Mifune Aikido Master Gouzou Shioda Amazing!!    

Today's sky @Tokyo

Today’s sky @Tokyo Aug 4th 2014

August 4, 2014

Today’s sky @Tokyo Aug 4th 2014

Japanese Hopscotch

August 3, 2014

“Ken-ken-pa” is a Japanese children’s game that has been played a long time, it’s kind of Hopscotch. We say “Ken” when we hop on one leg, landing on one foot, and we say “Pa” when we hop on one leg, landing both feet. When we play the game we sing “Ken-ken-pa”. Do you wanna try […]

Red Perilla Syrup -Shiso-

August 1, 2014

“Shiso” is a red perilla, and it’s harvest time is June and July. I make shiso syrup every year in this season. In the summer I’ve made “Shiso Syrup” three times, maybe this time is the last time this year. How do you make it? Ingredients ・Red perilla 300~350g ・Water 2L ・3 Lemons (or Vinegar 25g) ・Sugar […]

A Midsummer Night’s Zoo 2014

July 31, 2014

This summer Ueno Zoological Gardens has an event called “A Midsummer Night’s Zoo 2014”. It’s so fun!! You can see some animals in the dark night. Think about it… How scary! We always enjoy this event. You can see some nocturnal animals such as Sumatran tigers, maned wolves and the like. In the evening they […]


July 26, 2014

I’m Keiko. Believe or not, I’m living in the modern Samurai world of Japan. I was raised in a Temple, so I love wearing kimonos. That’s right! OK, Let me introduce myself. My hometown is Nihonmatsu city in Fukushima. Fukushima is in the North-Eastern Part of Japan. You might already know the Great Eastern Japan […]


Traditional wisdom for hot and humid japanese summer

July 19, 2014

Summer is hot, humid, and sticky in Japan. So, people long ago thought about how to keep cool in hot summer. For example, “Uchimizu” is sprinkling the front entrance of your home with water. “Sudare” is a curtain which is made of bamboo. When summer comes, in order to keep air flowing through in the […]

Marc Quinn

Guess what? Hardcore Contemporary Art’s Truly a World Treasure

July 18, 2014

I went to The National Museum of Modern Art at Takebashi. I’m not familiar with the Takebashi area, but I wanted to see Marc Quinn’s “Miniature Venus” so, I took time off to go to the Museum. I was drawn in when I started reading the introduction, and I must say, the exhibition is absolutely fantastic!! The […]