Japanese good luck decoration

August 23, 2014

I noticed this decoration when I visited an acquaintance’s shop. This kind of decoration is called “Engi-mono” in Japan. “Engi-mono” are supposed to be auspicious and lucky charms, and often includes wit and humor. There are many kinds of foods in this decoration. “Daikon” : Japanese white radish “Ninjin” : Carrot “Ingen” : Green bean “Mikan” […]


Traditional wisdom for hot and humid japanese summer

July 19, 2014

Summer is hot, humid, and sticky in Japan. So, people long ago thought about how to keep cool in hot summer. For example, “Uchimizu” is sprinkling the front entrance of your home with water. “Sudare” is a curtain which is made of bamboo. When summer comes, in order to keep air flowing through in the […]