New Year KABUKI 2015

January 16, 2015

I enjoyed Kabuki today! Every year “The New Year Kabuki” is performed in January. That’s very flamboyantly and dynamic more than usual. So I always go to Kabuki in January. It was performed “Ishikawa Goemon” in this year. Ishikawa Goemon (石川 五右衛門?, 1558 – October 8, 1594) was a semi-legendary Japanese outlaw hero who stole […]

Bunraku (Japanese puppet)

December 2, 2014

I enjoyed the Bunraku of Mr. Kanjyuro Kiritake(桐竹 勘十郎) the 3rd. Bunraku is the traditional puppet theatre of Japan, a high-level stage art of which Japan can be very proud. Bunraku was originally the name of the theatre in which this puppet drama was performed, but gradually it came to be used as the name […]

Fukumi Shimura

November 28, 2014

Ms. Fukumi Shimura is a a living national treasure. “TOBICHI” in Aoyama exhibited the Kimono and some pieces of cloth left over of Ms. Fukumi Shimura. There were a small a hand-loom and could try to weave silk cloth. I was trying to weave too, it’s very difficult and takes quite a lot of time, […]

Real Samurai Sword Technique

August 27, 2014

Real Samurai Sword Technique – Cutting BB Gun pellet by Isao Machii – Japanese Katana Kenjutsu   Wow!! That’s awesome!! “Iai-nuki(居合い抜き)” is a recurring command ability in the Final Fantasy series, and has also appeared as an enemy attack. It typically attempts to instantly dispatch the target. The job class Samurai is most often associated […]

Japanese Jedi Master

August 5, 2014

They were like a Jedi Master!! Judo Master Kyuzo Mifune Aikido Master Gouzou Shioda Amazing!!