New Year KABUKI 2015

January 16, 2015

I enjoyed Kabuki today! Every year “The New Year Kabuki” is performed in January. That’s very flamboyantly and dynamic more than usual. So I always go to Kabuki in January. It was performed “Ishikawa Goemon” in this year. Ishikawa Goemon (石川 五右衛門?, 1558 – October 8, 1594) was a semi-legendary Japanese outlaw hero who stole […]

Traditional Japanese painting artist – ALLAN WEST-

August 9, 2014

My friend Allan West is a traditional Japanese painting artist. He came to Japan from Washington D.C in 1982. Today I went to his studio to see an event “Japanese painting and Kabuki”. Of course I weard kimono:-) A Kabuki actor Mr. “Tyounosuke Nakamura” danced a program named ‘Fuji-musume’ in front of Allan’s painting. After […]

August Kabuki at Kabukiza

August Kabuki at Kabukiza

August 8, 2014

Today I went to see August Kabuki at Kabukiza. This was my fourth visit this year. At Kabukiza, every month has a different seasonal program. August’s program is “KYOFU JIDAI”, meaning ‘The Age of Terror’ written by Junichiro Tanizaki, and a traditional play “RYUKO” meaning ‘The Eternal Struggle of the Dragon and the Tiger’. “KYOFU […]