Oribe Ware

By kei.sasaki, January 14, 2015

The Oribe Ware exhibition is held now in Tokyo.
30 December 2014 – 19 January 2015, at Matsuya Ginza.

Do you know Oribe Ware?
The man who created this style of pottery was Furuta Oribe.
A samurai who lived 400 years ago during the period of civil wars in Japan, he was also a master of the tea ceremony.

I was taking lessons in tea ceremony, so interested in this exhibition.
This event was not a big space, and very crowded…:(
But that’s good exhibition!!

I was really touched by his passion.
The Oribe’s style was quite different from Sen No Rikyuu, even though he learned about Rikyuu.
It was dynamic like a Cord-marked pottery.

I think Furuta Oribe and Taro Okamoto are very similar.
There were not delicate designed, but there ware characteristic and very emotionally.

I enjoyed that a lot.

Matsuya Ginza official web site : http://www.matsuya.com/foreigner/en/


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