Informed tea ceremony at home!

By kei.sasaki, September 2, 2014

The Japanese tea ceremony has strict with manners, but I sometimes hold an informed tea ceremony for myself and my friends at home.
When I go to a traditional Japanese tea party, of course I strictly observe the manners and etiquette.

If you follow the rules all the time, you get quite sick of tea ceremonies!
The Japanese tea ceremony, the art of flower arrangement, and so on is to please our guests and ourselves.

So, in case you don’t know about the manners of the Japanese tea party, you don’t worry, just have fun!
“亭主(The host about tea party called Teisyu.)” wants you to enjoy it.

And  if you like this and are interested in it, you can learn about the manners later.

I will write a few important points about the tea ceremony some time.



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