Kimono for Summer

By kei.sasaki, August 29, 2014

I am wearing a Kimono only for Summer season.

This Kimono is called “Usumono” in Japanese.

As I wrote earlier, Kimonos are divided into three classes to go with the season.
The three classes are “Hitoe“, “Awase“,and “Usumono“.

Hitoe” is worn only in June and September.

Usumono” is worn only in July and August, so maybe this was the last time to wear it this year.

Japanese people value the sense of the season, but the past few years have been exceptionally hot nationwide and the start of autumn have been terribly humid too.

So, recently many people wear “Usumono” until after early September, and wear “Hitoe” until in October.

The Japanese tea ceremony has strict manners, you must wear Kimono at seasonally in the tea ceremony.


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